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Visit the following web site and answer the questions that follow about the history/nature of the federal system


1. What 2 reasons does Katz indicate that the history of federalism is important?

2. The founders created federal powers that dealt with what 3 issues and/or “affairs”

3. What 2 developments of the 20th century led to expansion of federal authority and to some critics an “imbalance” in the federal system?

4. “Cooperative Federalism” was the result of what president’s legislative program?

5. How did the “Great Society” program of the 1960s end the earlier conception of “cooperative federalism”?

6. What were the 2 consequences of the “Great Society” programs?

7. List and explain each of Katz’s critical issues that we face today by using a GO (chart, cmap, etc.).
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American Federalism, Past, Present, and Future: session fall 2000
Read the article and complete the questions. After completing the reading and answering the questions take the quiz over the article. Use your last name and letter of your first name to identify yourself.
Powers of governments in federal system
Test your knowledge of the various type of federal powers and examples by practicing here
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