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Welcome to the kindergarten Quia home page. We are glad you chose to visit this site.

Mission:  The aim of kindergarten is to provide a basic foundation for your child's education along with making a smooth transition from home to school.

Curriculum Areas

*Reading Readiness:  A print-rich environment is provided. We focus on beginning reading skills. The first six weeks we will be beginning our letter studies. Children will learn letter names and the sound/s they make.
The letters covered will be: Nn, Aa, Dd, Ss
Sight words learned are: the, a, my, that, and, I

*Language:  To encourage reading we provide an environment to stimulate phonemic awareness. Such skills as rhyming, beginning sounds, ending sounds, breading words apart, putting them together, etc. Also, we work with word families and sight words to build vocabulary.

*Math:  The first six weeks we will be sorting objects, identifying shapes and understanding and using positional terms.

*Science: Topics covered: Five Senses, Apples

*Social Studies:  Topics covered: School, All About Me (Self, Family and Friends)

*Special Activites:  The kindergarten teachers and students would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to the parents for attending curriculum night and for all the wonderful moms who helped make the Teddy Bear Picnic a success.

*Student Projects:  Information has been sent home about the "Falcon of the Week. Remember that when your child is the "Falcon", please send in your child's book about themselves to share with the class on Monday. On Wednesday your child will bring a show and tell that fits in the bag brought home on Tuesday. On Friday, please send a special snack for the class.

Communication folders are sent home every Monday (Tuesday, if there is no school on Monday) and needs to be returned on Tuesday. Please check this forlder for special notices.
HOMEWORK may be located in the Communication folder. You will need to check for it there.
**Parent readers are invited to school EVERY Friday. Readers read with their child's class from 8:30-8:45am.**
Sept. 4 - Coupon Book Sale Ends
Sept. 7 - Popcorn Day
  Book Orders are due
Sept. 21 - Popcorn Day
Sept. 28 - Report Cards are sent home. Don't forget to return the signed report card and envelope on Monday.
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