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Welcome to the web page for Ms. Feldbush's Comprehensive Science class.  
There are three keys to success in science (and in life):
  1. Organization
  2. Attitude
  3. Hard Work
The games and links on this page are designed to help you study, review, and have fun with science. Try them out, and let me know if you find other science links. You can also link to the quia home page by clicking on the quia icon above.  

Test 2 -- Wednesday August 30
Food Chains, Food Webs
1. Define and give examples of each of the following words: producer, consumer, autotroph, heterotroph, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore.
2. Draw a food chain with at least 4 links, using arrows to show the direction of energy flow.
3. Draw an energy pyramid for the same food chain.
4. When given a food web, identify the producers and consumers.  
5. Identify the original source of energy for all organisms on our planet.

1. Define and give examples for the following words: independent variable, dependent variable, precise, accurate, valid.
2. Identify dependent and independent variables in an experiment.
3. Design experiments with proper control and variable.
4. Collect Data using a variety of methods.
5. Label data using appropriate metric units.
6. Convert common metric units of length, mass and volume
7. Display data using tables and graphs.  
8. Read tables and graphs.

Test 3 --
1. Define and give examples of: ethics, credibility, replication
2. List the steps that must be taken to ensure the credibility of an experiments
3. Summarize the steps necessary when working with animals for research purposes.
4. Describe ethical requirements when working with human subjects
5. Apply the rules of ethics by not subjecting students of community to health or property risks
6. Explain how scientific knowledge is shared and can become available to everyone
7. Analyze factors leading to the increasing quantity of scientific knowledge
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