ferriergovbill Mr. Ferrier
  HS Social Studies
We have been discussing how bills become laws, and it's time to get specific. Your assignment follows.

For any one of the bills listed below, write a one-page narrative describing its journey through Congress, according to the following guidelines:
1: Assume the bill makes it at least to a final vote in both houses.
     Introduction of bill
     Committees and sub-committees, and explain why the bill was assigned to them.
     What action is taken at every step in the process.
     What interest groups, PAC's and types of individuals might lobby for and against the bill, and why.
3: You must correctly use at least 8 of the following terms in your narrative:    bill        standing committee
     subcommittee     quorum     pigeonhole     filibuster
     conference committee     cloture     mark-up    veto
     discharge petition     seniority     lobbyist
     Rules Committee     constituent     amendment     rider   
4: You may get extra credit by including specific details, such as legislators' names and home states, providing the info is accurate and appropriate.
5: Your finished narrative must be typed/word-processed.
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