festivals Mr. Doherty
San Ignacio del Recalde Language Arts Teacher
During this last term, besides the stories you will read in your anthology, we will be doing class projects on the various festivals that take place around the world in the next few weeks, Hanukkah, Halloween and Christmas. Through your project work, you will investigate the origins of these festivals, customs related to the festivals, traditional food eaten and other interesting facts connected with them.
Before beginning work, you will have to choose your group carefully and then plan how you are going to work together.
The evaluation for this work will be on the research done, the cooperation within your group as well as the presentation of your final projects.
All information must be gathered and stored in the ongoing project section of your folder, so your teacher can check now work is progressing.
Also if you have any questions or need any help you can ask your teacher in class or write to him at his e-mail address at the top of this page. Below you will find some fun websites with lots of information for you to research.
Remember plagiarism will be punished with low grades do read the information in the websites, Encarta or other encyclopaedias and summarise it in your own words. All research should be filed in the ONGOING PROJECT section of your folder.
Good work!
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