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Pokémon Fossil Set FAQ

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Source >> Psypoke

Q: What is Pokémon: Fossil? How are these different from the regular Pokémon trading card game cards?

A: Fossil is the latest expansion for the Pokémon trading card game. It features new card for you to collect, trade, and add to your decks.

What's does the Pokémon: Fossil expansion have in it?

A: There are 62 cards in the set: 15 holographic rare cards, 15 regular rare cards, 16 uncommon cards, and 16 common cards. The 15 holographic rare cards are the exact same cards as the regular rares except that they're shiny. Basically, those 15 cards come in two versions, just like the cards in Jungle did.

Q: So is this all of the Pokémon now?

A: With Fossil, all of the 150 known Pokémon will be printed in card form. Of course, there are always rumors of other Pokémon still to be discovered! And there are many different cards still to come... variations of the existing Pokémon, new Trainer cards, and who knows what else!

Q: In the Japanese version of the Fossil expansion, there was a Mew card in the set. Is it in the English-language set?

A: No. After talking with the Japanese designers of the Pokémon trading card game, Wizards of the Coast decided that Mew was different from the other 150 Pokémon and should be treated specially. So Mew is going to be a special promotional Pokémon card, available only through the Pokémon Trading Card Game League.

Questions about Specific Cards

Q: What exactly does Ditto copy when it uses its Pokémon Power: Transform?

A: It just copies whatever is written on the opponent's Active Pokémon card. So it won't copy damage, effects of attached Trainer cards, if that Pokémon is Poisoned, Confused, or anything like that, but it will copy Hit Points, attacks and Pokémon Powers, Weakness, and so on.

Q: What if my Ditto is copying a Charizard (so that Ditto now has 120 HP) and it has 80 damage on it. Then my opponent retreats Charizard and makes Squirtle (who only has 40 HP) her new Active Pokémon. What happens to my Ditto?

A: It becomes a copy of Squirtle and is immediately Knocked Out, because it has 40 HP and 80 damage.

Q: What happens if Ditto copies a Confused Muk (so that when Ditto copies Muk's Pokémon Power: Toxic Gas, it turns off its own Pokémon Power: Transform)?

A: The end result is that Ditto is Ditto, not Muk.

Q: What happens to my Benched Pokémon if I have Haunter as my Active Pokémon and my opponent attacks with the Jungle Pikachu's Spark attack (which does 20 damage to the Defending Pokémon and 10 damage to a Pokémon on the Bench)?

A: Haunter's Pokémon Power: Transparency only prevents things done to Haunter. So the 20 damage to Haunter is prevented, but the 10 damage to a Benched Pokémon would still happen.

Q: Say I use Hypno's Prophecy attack to look at the top three cards of my opponent's deck. Can I put those cards anywhere-like on the bottom of my opponent's deck? Or on the top of my deck?

A: No, the cards have to stay where they were; only the order can change. Prophecy doesn't let you move the cards; it just lets you rearrange them.

Q: At the end of a long match, I Selfdestruct Magneton. My opponent and I both take our last Prize cards. Who wins?

A: Well, if one of you has a Benched Pokémon to replace your Active Pokémon and the other player doesn't, then the person who can replace his or her Active Pokémon wins. Otherwise, you play Sudden Death. This is explained in the Pokémon rules in the Expert Rules section under "What Happens if Both Players Win at the Same Time?"

Q: What happens if Arbok's Terror Strike attack does the last 10 points of damage to my Defending Pokémon? Do I choose a new Active Pokémon, then switch it out right away?

A: No, you do the damage, switch the Pokémon, and then Knock Out the former Active Pokémon (which is now on the Bench). This is explained in the rulebook under "In What Order Do You Do Your Attack?" (step f).

Q: Will Golbat (which has Weakness to Psychic) take 10 damage or 20 damage from Golduck's Psyshock attack (which is powered by Psychic Energy)?

A: Golduck is a Water Pokémon, and Psyshock does 10 damage, so Golbat will only take 10. The fact that you need a Psychic Energy to pay the Energy cost for Psyshock doesn't matter; all that matters is what type of Pokémon Golduck is.

Q: If I play Defender on Slowbro when it's my Active Pokémon, can I move all the damage counters off my Benched Pokémon one at a time and not put them on Slowbro because of Defender?

A: No, Defender only prevents damage done by attacks.

Q: If my Omanyte gets Knocked Out, can my opponent turn his hand over so I can't see it anymore? And what about new cards my opponent draws after Omanyte uses its Pokémon Power? Can I see them or not

A: Omanyte's Pokémon Power: Clairvoyance says "Your opponent must play with his or her hand face up," but like all Pokémon Powers, it's only in effect while the Pokémon is in play. So as soon as Omanyte gets Knocked Out, your opponent can pick his or her hand back up. While Omanyte is in play, though, any cards your opponent draws will get added to his or her hand, so they will be face up as well.

Q: If I get Mysterious Fossil in my opening hand, can I put it on my Bench before the game starts? Can I make it my Active Pokémon?

A: Yes. (The same is true for Clefairy Doll. Mysterious Fossil works just the same way as Clefairy Doll; the only difference is that Mysterious Fossil can evolve and Clefairy Doll can't.)

Q: Do I have to say I'm using Aerodactyl's Pokémon Power, or is it just "always on"?

A: The card text doesn't say you have a choice, so it's "always on". Notice the card text says "This power stops working while Aerodactyl is Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed"; cards where you have a choice usually say something like "This power can't be used if Gengar is Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed." (Some of the cards printed earlier, like Machamp, Mr. Mime, or Snorlax, use the "can't be used" wording even though they are always on; if we were printing them today, we would use the "stops working" wording. You can still tell it's an "always on" Power, though, because the first part of the Power doesn't give you a choice as to whether or not you can use it.)

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