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My Final Thoughts
By: Master Gamer

Disclaimer: I don't own a single character in this fic.

Author's note, the grammer might be a slight improvement 

from the last fic I've done :). If

you don't know yet, I don't use spell-check! (I must have 

good faith, eh?)

Fox's POV

I shoot down Wolf O' Donnel of the Star Wolf Team, who was 

the last ship flying. 

"OK, time to get this over with." I tell myself.

I'm a little nervous, but I know this has to be done.

"I'll go it alone from here." I announce over my CB.

"FOX!!!!" Peppy screams over the CB as I advance into an 

underground tunnel to face my destiny.

The tunnel is long and skinny, with many forks. Suddenly, I 

hear a voice over the CB.

"I've been waiting for you Star Fox, you know that I 

control the galaxy, you 

will feel TRUE pain!" The voice taunted.

"Arrr... Andross! I hate you!" I think to myself as I 

advance deeper, and deeper into the tunnel. I reach the 

end, and discover a wide-open area. with a green sky. 

Suddenly, Out of nowhere, Andross appears with his two 

hands.I shoot everywhere, I don't care where I shoot, this 

man tortured and killed my father. Andross, lets out a cry 

of pain, then, parts of his body begin melting away 

everywhere, what was left was a brain and two eyeballs.

"Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!" Andross boasted.

"Yeah, right, monkey breath." I think, as he begins to toss 

his eyeballs at me. The eyeballs come closer, and closer, 

with every move I make. I pull a sudden loop around and 

blast it to bits. Andross doesn't even seem to care.

Doesn't the guy notice hes half blind now? Geez, I think 

I'd notice. What I didn't notice, until now, was that my 

ship was running on half power, and that my right hand, had 

some cuts on it from the fight with Star Wolf. I switched 

to my left hand, and destroy the other eyeball. Andross 

screams, and begins to chase me. Does this guy have psychic 

rader or something? Because I know I destroyed the eyes. I 

loop around only to land in Andross' tentacles. 

"AAHHHH!!!!!" I Scream in pain, as the tentacles smash me 

and my ship around. When the pain finally stop, My ship's 

two wings have broken off. As Andross

flys away, I do a 180 mid-air turn and start blasting all 

my lasers and bombs at him. Andross screams in pain as he 

releases his last words.

"If I go down, I'm taking you with me!" 

I don't have a good feeling about what Andross said, so I 

put the Arwing on auto-pilot just to be safe. Suddenly, a 

huge explosion occurs in front of me. 

"AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I scream as pain wracks my body as all 

parts of my body are slammed against the cockpit walls, the 

seatbelt doesn't help much. As the second explosion occurs, 

I am thrown back against my seat, before everything goes 



I am slowly awakened by a familiar voice.

"Don't ever give up my son." The voice encourages.

"Father?!" I ask, suprised. Can it be? After all this time?

"Follow me Fox." My father leads.

A huge wall of fire runs directly behind me. I follow my 

father's every turn, trusting he knows the way better then 

I do. My father sharply banks up, I do the same as the wall 

of fire emerges from the tunnel below me. I spot Great Fox 

and my wingman, I look around, but see nothing else.

"Fox, is something wrong?" Peppy asks over the CB. I stare 

into the infinity of stars before responding.

"Nothing, nothing's wrong."

The truth suddenly dawns on me; It was only my fathers 

ghost leading me out. of the tunnel. I stare out into the 

infinity of stars wondering if I'll ever see him again.

I set the controls to auto-follow Peppy, which is like an 

auto pilot that flys in the direction of the wingman of my 

choice, which is Peppy.

"Fox, are you OK? You and your ship looked pretty banged 

up." Peppy concerningly asks.

For the first time in a while, I actually notice my fur 

covered body hurting.

"I'm fine." I lied. In truth, I didn't really know if I was 

OK. I begin to feel extremely tired from the fight with 


"Peppy, how long until we get to Great Fox?" I ask Peppy.

"A couple hours, say you don't look to good Fox." Peppy 


"I'm fine, don't worry, I'm on auto-follow to you" I lied 

again to Peppy.

I lay my head back in my seat as Peppy, Falco and Slippy 

jump into hyperspace, after a couple minutes into 

hyperspace I fall asleep.


I awaken in a room in the sick bay section of the Great 

Fox. I notice bandages cover most of my Arms and a part of 

my left leg, shoulder and stomach, my head is pounding. I 

walk out of the room, still half-asleep and run into a few 

walls, before seeing a room that says "Peppy" on it. I walk

into the room.

"Hi Fox." Peppy greets me.

"Hi Peppy." I greet back.

Peppy is just laying there on the bed, he looks a little 

hurt, but not much, if at all. I leave the room and go to 

the room that says "Falco" on it. I enter the room to find 

Falco asleep. I decide to not wake him and leave. I now go 

to the room labled "Slippy" and enter. Slippy too, is 

asleep, so I leave without a second thought. Out in the 

hall I am told we are approaching Corneria and that General 

Pepper of the Cornerian army would like to talk to me.

Great Fox lands, and General Pepper steps in to speak to me.

"Thank You Star Fox, we are in your debt. I would be 

honored to have you as-" Pepper begins, before I cut him 


"No sir, we prefer to do things our own way." I respond.

"Fox, we gotta go." Peppy tells me as he walks toward me.

"It's time for us to go, sir." I announce, as I walk back 

into the ship.


I look back on Corneria city, the city that was destroyed, 

is now rebuilt, the evil reign of Andross is over. Or is 

it? I wonder. Nothing could have survived that blast, or 

could it have? I let my mind shift from the subject. I 

remember my father, I wonder if it was just his ghost, or 

if he was actually alive somewhere out there in the Lylat 

System, maybe I'll never find out. I look through the 

window, staring, as I ride off, into what could be my next 

adventure, I'm not scared, Andross was the worst, nothing 

could scare me now. I know I have grown stronger over the 

years, and that I will be stronger then my dad one day, 

because I am Fox McCloud.


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