Fallston High School Ms. Kimberly A. Smith, Coordinator

Welcome, teachers, to the Fallston High School

General Use Computer Lab!


  • Turn on the lights (by the door).
  • Turn on both of the power switches (by the door).
  • Turn on the printers.
  • Turn on all of the computers in the lab, even those not occupied by students in your class. You should not have to turn on the screens if the lab was correctly closed the day before.
  • Log on: User name: lab119, Password: (leave this blank), Domain: FHS


  • Familiarize yourself with the student version of this web site. It specifies what their responsabilities are in the lab.
  • Review the computer lab rules and procedures with your students before entering the lab.
  • Bring paper to the lab if your class will be printing.
  • Monitor your students closely.
  • Note any damage that has been done or malfunctions which have occurred during your lab time. Give this information to Ms. Kim Smith (on paper) when you return the key to her in Room 108, or e-mail it to Ms. Smith now.
  • At the end of the period, have the students close any applications and return to the teal/blue screen.
  • If other classes will be in the lab today, do not have the students shut down the machines at the end of the period.
  • Make sure all of the chairs are pushed in and all trash is thrown away.
  • Lock the door.
  • Return the key (and your problem list, if applicable) promptly to Room 108. Other teachers are probably waiting for the key.


  • Have the students properly shut down all of the computers from the Start Menu. Do not have them turn off the screens.
  • Turn off the printers.
  • Turn off both of the power switches (by the door).
  • Turn off the lights (by the door).
  • Lock the door.
  • Return the key (and your problem list, if applicable) promptly to Room 108.


  • Sign up for use of the computer lab in Room 108. Please do not try to sign up via e-mail or on the evaluation form.
  • Please do not bring a class to the lab if you have not signed up to use it.
  • If you need to cancel your scheduled lab time, please erase your name from the lab schedule book in Room 108 as early as possible so that another teacher may sign up to use the lab.
  • Complete a computer lab seating chart (available in Room 108) for each class you will bring to the lab. The charts will help us to determine which students have damaged machines.


    The following stations are missing the round Dell logo from the front of the had drive:
  • Station 1
  • Station 6
  • Station 7
  • Station 8
  • Station 9
  • Station 10
  • Station 11
  • Station 12
  • Station 13
  • Station 14
  • Station 15
  • Station 16
  • Station 17
  • Station 18
  • Station 19
  • Station 19 is also missing one leg from the keyboard.
  • Station 20
  • Station 21
  • Station 22
  • Station 23
  • Station 24
  • Station 25
  • Station 26

REPAIR REQUESTS AS OF February 5, 2004:

  • Station 2 is not starting up properly.
  • Station 8 had trouble in Excel with the = sign.
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