film3 Ms. Heyman Feist
McLean High School Film Studies teacher
Quarter 2 :  GENRE STUDY

Due Friday, 11/17/00, one full page film log on a Western chosen from the list that the sub. handed out on 11/9/00.  (You must view this Western on your own time.)

Each week of second quarter, you will have viewing homework of a particular genre.  Also, a full page film log will be due.  This film log should discuss: 
     costumes, props, acting style, camera techniques, themes, and other elements of film. 

Try to make connections between what you learned in class about the GENRE with the content and techniques used in THIS FILM.
Your homework for Tuesday, 11/21 is to find and respond to a film review that talks explicitly about a film's GENRE.  (It can be published anytime within the last 5 years.) 

To complete this assignment, you need to refer to your handout from 1st quarter, "Response to a Recent Film Review" and answer all of those questions for this new film review.
(Here are the questions:
1)  How was the review organized?
2)  What seems to be the purpose, audience, and tone or this review?
3)  Did the reviewer compare the movie to another movie?  IF so, did you find the comparison useful or interesting?
4)  Did the reviewer mention the movie's genre?  If so, what was the point of mentioning it?  In other words, how was the film's genre connected with the rest of the review?
5)  Did the reviewer mention any formal techniques (elements of film)?  If so, why did the reviewer mention it?
6)  Did the review mention the audience response or his/her own enjoyment of the film?  Explain.
7)  What criteria seemed important to the reviewer in evaluating this movie?
8)  What did the reviewer mention that surprised you?
9)  Overall, how well-written is the review, in your opinion?
Watch Turner Classic Movies this Saturday at 11 AM for a Western.  No excuses that you didn't have enough money to rent a video. :)
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