finalyeartheses Professor Boyle
Dept. Of Economics, Room 59, Rhetoric House 3rd Year Thesis Supervisor
Final Year Theses

Topic: Valuation of Environmental/Heritage Resources

The June issue 1998, Vol. 20, No.2, of a journal called Resource and Energy Economics is entirely devoted to this topic. I would have thought the articles are essential reading.

Update 2/12/99

I've just a recived a book which look's interesting - It's a set of readings on Contingent Valuation measurement "Valuing Envir. Preferences" eds. Bateman and Willis. Please check with me it it would interest you.

Topic: Phillips Curve etc.

I understand some students are having difficulty with getting Berndt's Book - The Theory and practice of Econometrics - I will make this book available to a responsible person for distribution to thoose interested - please contact me.
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