fire26 Mrs. Phillips
Fruitland High School English II, III, IIII Instructor
Please make sure you have taken the Chief Seattle quiz over the internet.  If you would like to retake this to improve your quiz score you may do so.  Here is the website you will need to log on to.

Be sure to play the appropriate hangman game for your English class and retrieve your next spelling unit words. Your specific activity is listed at the bottom of this page. You will take a pre-test on Wednesday, October 11th and a spelling test will follow next week on Wednesday, October 18th.  Please make sure you copy down the correct spelling and definition for each word.  You will then need to use each word in a sentence and turn this assignment into me.   

Your next book report will be due on Tuesday, November 7th. You will need to use your appropriate heading and book report format to receive full credit.  Check your notes!!!  

First quarter grades will be posted on Friday October 20th. Good Luck and stay focused.
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