firstperiod Mrs. Gratz
Morristown-Hamblen High School West Computer Instructor
Introduction to Microcomputer Information Systems
Daily Assignments

Check this website daily for assignments that have been completed in class.

Thursday, March 2

Practice writing and reading as a computer does by writing a note in ASCII code. Then go to bookmarked website "Jan's Computer Literacy" and read sections--3: Input; 4 : Processing; 5: Output; 6: Storage; After reading each section, get questions and answer them. Turn to Mrs. Gratz

Wednesday, March 1

Study pages 36-41. Take more notes on information not included in text.
Go website and read Computer Basics. Answer questions on worksheet given based on handout.

Tuesday, February 29

Go over the questions that were completed in class Monday. Take notes on updated information not included in the chapter. List information about 6 devices described at site--see Mrs. Gratz for details and turn in.

Monday, February 28

Read Chapter 2 in the textbook, pages 32-56.
Complete the end of chapter questions as follows: Page 57, Vocabulary Review and Concept Review; Page 58, True/False and Short Answer. Do not write the questions.
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