fittonscience Mrs. Fitton
Westminster Christian School 8th grade earth science
5/14 - Vocabulary Ch. 14 due tomorrow

5/15 - Study Guide "Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics" due tomorrow

5/16 - Study Guide "Earth Quake Information" and Investigating the Speed of Earthquake Waves. Due tomorrow

5/21 - Don't forget permission slips with your $5.00 are
       due by Friday - 5/24 or you will NOT go.

       Test on Chapter 14 is next Wednesday. Possible essay questions:  Compare and contrast the three types of seismic waves.  Compare and contrast the three types of faults.  Remember these will be essay questions and you must have a topic sentence that rephrases the question.

       EXTRA CREDIT:  "WANTED POSTERS" are due by 5/31 for
                       a possible 15 points extra credit.
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