Francais 2 D Block


The homework assignments for each class will be written on the board underneath the daily class-work. You are responsible for taking down and completing the homework assignment each night. Each marking quarter you will receive one “freebee” homework assignment, should you not use your “freebee” you will have bonus points added to your term grade. After you have used your freebee any homework not completed by the beginning of the period on the day that it is due will be considered late. Late homework will be accepted for one week following its due date. Any homework completed within this time frame will receive half credit. After that the grade will remain a zero. Should you receive 3 zeros on homework you will be required to serve a detention with me to make up the missing work.

Papers and Projects
Will be considered late if they are not turned in at the beginning of our class meeting period the day that they are due. Late papers and projects turned in the week following the due date will be penalized one full marking grade. Papers and projects may be turned in the second week following the due date for a maximum grade of 60%. I will not accept work after that time.

Class Participation
Class Participation is worth approximately 15% of your term grade. This involves classroom discussions, group activities, debates, behavior, and class-work. In class you are expected to speak French at all times, with exceptions based on class level and subject matter.

Should you be caught cheating on any assignment given to you whether it be a homework assignment, paper or test you will receive an automatic zero on that assignment. A second offense will result in contacting your parent/guardian and meeting with the vice principle in regards to the problem. The use of on-line translators constitutes cheating.
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French 2 food test: session french 2 food
French 2 food test: session french 2 food test
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