flegghighre Mr.J
Flegg High School Religious Education Co-ordinator
  Welcome to the 'unofficial' flegghighre interactive site.
In time this site will contain on-line, interactive activities all of which are intended to enhance the teaching and learning of Religious Education at Flegg.  There is a particular emphasis on:
The Norfolk Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education
The OCR Religious Education Short Course Syllabus 'A'
Code 3732A.
All questions use the NIV Bible.
Try a few of the tests.  They are marked immediately 'on-line' and give a fair indication of your knowledge of the chosen subject.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Names of People from the gospel according to Luke
Numerous activities on names of people from the Gospel according to Luke
Place names from the Gospel According to Luke
Numerous activities on place names from the Gospel according to Luke
OCR Paper 1 Quiz
Multiple choice questions and answers
OCR Paper 2 Quiz
Multiple choice questions and answers
Hangman ocr1
A game of hangman based on some of the characters from the Gospel according to Luke.
Jesus as Messiah
A challenge board game based on the life of Jeusus as Messiah, using the NIV Bible.
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