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aprender de memoria     to memorize
aprobar (o➞ue)     to pass (an exam)
apuntar          to write down / take note
cometer errores     to make mistakes
copiar             to copy
Deberías…         You should…
Debes…              You should / ought to
dejar                     to leave (behind)
entregar la tarea       to hand in homework          
Es importante…                  It is important
hacer preguntas                  to ask questions
Hay que…                  One must…
llegar a tiempo                  to get (somewhere) on time
navegar por la Red              to surf the internet   
olvidar                  to forget
perder (e➞ie)                  to lose / to miss
preocuparse                  to worry
prestar atención                  to pay attention
repasar                  to review
sacar buenas notas                to get good grades
salir bien                  to do well
seguir (e➞i) las instrucciones        to follow (the) directions         
suspender                  to fail (a test)
tomar apuntes              to take notes
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Sp 8 VC2 4-1 Sugerencias
Sp 8 VC2 4-1 Sugerencias
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