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Welcome to The Floppy Side Newsletter

The Technology Team at E.H. Slaughter Elementary is dedicated to improving instructional technology on our campus each and every day.  The purpose of "The Floppy Side" is to inform members of our campus and the McKinney community of resources that our team provides.  

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to find detailed information about this important campus initiative at E.H. Slaughter Elementary.

On Monday evenings from 3:00 - 8:00 our campus opens up the E.H.S. Media Center to the McKinney community.  Checkout is limited to E.H.S. students however Internet access and Microsoft Office tools (Word, Power Point, Excell) as well as many other resources are available for patrons to utilize upon their visit. All students, E.H. Slaughter families and community members are invited.
EXCITING NEWS!!  E.H. Slaughter Students may now take AR quizzes on Monday evenings.  A parent or teacher signature is required before a quiz can be taken.

The new computer lab is up and running with 28 Five Star workstations, one color laser printer and one black and white laser printer, one high-end scanner and a CD burner.  The lab schedule if flexible so that teachers and grade level teams can schedule appropriate amounts of time for quality production and curriculum integration in this area. 
The campus technology team spent the fall semester researching and discussing quality software choices that would align and reinforce the new district curriculum.  When looking at instructional software there are two areas that we concentrated on.  The first is "production software" where students utilize given tools to create a product.  Microsoft Office products, which are on each computer in the school, are excellent examples of "production software" and are utilized on a regular basis in 2nd - 5th grades.  In grades K-2 most production is performed in KidPix Deluxe.  KidPix is software that has been placed on our server so that all students and staff have access to this excellent tool.
The final piece of "production software" that we utilize campus wide is Inspiration.  Here users create graphic organizers and visual maps to outline their thoughts and ideas.  Inspiration is an excellent pre-writing tool as well as a great resource for outlining elements that students find in a story.  This has definetly become a favorite for many people on our campus.
The second type of instructional software that the team looked at was "simulation software."  A great example of this type of tool would be the familiar Oregon Trail.  The following pieces of software have been purchased for each grade:

Kindergarten - Reader Rabbit 1 and 2, Paint Write and Play, Kid Pix Template Pack Volume #1, Math Blaster, Arthur's Computer Disaster (Living Book) and Groiler Encyclopedia.

First Grade - Reader Rabbit 2, Kid Pix Template Pack Volume #1, Arthur's Computer Disaster (Living Book), Groiler Encyclopedia, Jumpstart First Grade, Jumpstart Second Grade.

Second Grade - Amazing Writing Machine, Math Blaster, Groiler Encyclopedia.

Third Grade - Math Blaster Grades 9-12, Carmen SanDiego Math.

Fourth Grade - Math Blaster Grades 9-12, Carmen SanDiego Math, Oregon Train.

Fifth Grade - Carmen SanDiego Math

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