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  Student Coincil 2000
Student Council Meeting of November 9, 2000

Meeting Started: 9:51

Introduced New Web page-

Treasurer Report: $3,069 at the beginning of the school year. We now have $4,897.69

Express Cards will be discussed next meeting

Holiday Activities:

Many Ideas discussed:
 Can drive
 Food drive
 Cookies
 Candy sale
 After school committee writing cards to people in nursing homes
 Give money gained to Ronald McDonald house or I Wish Foundation
 Send things to people in hospitals
 Soup kitchen, people going to nursing homes
 Christmas caroling

Can Drive Idea:
 Can Drive for Thanksgiving
 Contest between houses
 Unable to do a contest between individual classes it’s against the law
 2000/2001 Can Drive 
Seconds the Motion to have a 2000/2001 Can drive
 The food will be going to The Albany Food Pantry
 We’ll ask the nurse if she knows of any families in need
 Use money to buy fresh food
    Seconds Motion to ask nurse for Families that need food and buy fresh food
 We will spend around $300 on fresh food for families
 Ideas for where to put boxes: nurses office, halls, next to recycling, house offices and/or cafeteria
 Everyone who wants to help plan this can stay activity period Monday
 It is not a problem to keep boxes in the hall, people will not abuse them
 If we put boxes next to house office the people in the house office will be able to watch them
 The meeting to help plan the food drive will be in Room 250 upstairs Mohawk
 The meeting will be for only people in student council, to participate in giving cans will be for the whole student body
 We could make it a tradition, have it be every year

 Everyone has to be on a committee
 Different Committees- Activities Committee, Lunch Committee, School Policies Committee (there are others)
 Mrs. Crisafelli will hang up sign up sheets for committees outside of her room, 358 Hiawatha, where you can sign up for that committee you want to be on
 You can change committees from the one you were on last year
 You stay with your committee all year
 There is no number limit on how many people on a committee

Spirit Week will be discussed next meeting

Next Meeting, Monday November 20, 2000, the time is TBA

Motion to Adjourned Meeting
Meeting adjourned 10:21
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