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Use the games that I create to help you practice what we are learning, or to review old material.  This page is currently for 7th and 8th grade classes, so you will need to pick and choose which games to play.

8th GRADE:

Play anything that says it's in chapter 3 or has to do with ER verbs.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Vocabulaire de Chapitre 2
Chapter 2 Vocabulary Practice
Les Conjugasions d'Être
Practice using the correct forms of the verb être!
Au restaurant
8th Grade (Put sentences in the correct sequence)
Basic French Vocabulary
Useful "travel" vocabulary
Bienvenue Chapter 1: Vocabulary. - (copy)
Review vocabulary from chapter 1
Bienvenue, Chapitre Deux, Vocabulaire - (copy)
(7th Grade) Practice your chapter 2 vocabulary
Bienvenue, ch5: allez au restaurant! - (copy)
Practice restaurant vocabulary
Encore Tricolore 1 Unité 1-5 - Les numéros 1 à 100 - (copy)
8th graders, practice ALL of your numbers!
Table Setting Jeopardy
Make sure you know your table settings!
Do you want to be a millionaire? Yes! then try this - Des directions. - (copy)
Practice those pesky prepositions!
Les matières - (copy)
School Subjects--Some may be new!
Les nombres 1-60s
Help with spelling numbers!
Bienvenue - Qu'est-ce que c'est? - (copy)
Basic Objects
Avoir - (copy) - (copy)
Practice using the correct conjugations of avoir
La famille de Bart Simpson
Practice family and French <> by answering these questions about the Simpsons!
Days, Months - (copy)
Days and Months
Classroom Expressions - (copy)
Class Expressions
ER Verbs
ER Verbs
French Calendar Items: Matching French & English terms - (copy)
Calendar Items
Les vêtements - (copy)
Les professions - (copy)
Numbers 0 - 30 - (copy)
Les nombres 1-30
Vocabulaire à réviser (8th Grade)
Les Nombres 0-60
Practice numbers 1-69
French Numbers 1-20
Practice numbers 1-20
French Hangman
Avoir et Avoir ou Etre
Practice using avoir and avoir vs. être...Bonne chance!
Bienvenue Chapitre 4 - (copy)
Practice all vocabulary and concepts from the unit...including posessive and irregular adjectives!!!!
Les Verbes En -ER - (copy)
Bienvenue Chapter 3 review - (copy)
Bienvenue Ch3, Er Verbs2--Let's Conjugate - (copy)
Bienvenue chap. 3 voc. - (copy)
Madame Gerst - French 1 - Chapitre 3 - vocab - (copy)
Adjective scramble 2
AV2 Ch.2 E2--Practice your BAGS adjectives
les adjectifs qui précèdent le nom
Adjective scramble 3
Adjective scramble 4
Adjective scramble 6
Adjective scramble 7
Adjective scramble 8
Blanc-L. 2-Adjectives
AV2 Ch.2 E2--Adjective practice
Adjective scramble
Adjective scramble 5
Adjective scramble 9
ETN 1: Unit 8: L'Heure
Bleu- L 04 Time: vocabulary / grammar quiz
Bleu-L. 4-Telling Time
Unit 2 - Quelle heure est-il? Battleship
Quelle heure est-il? - foundation
L'HEURE (THE TIME) - (copy)
le verbe "aller"
Avoir or être ?
Bon Voyage 1 Chapitre 2 vocabulary
Chapitre 2- Hangman
Bon Voyage 1 Chapitre 2- Les mots 1 et 2
Madame Gerst - French 1 - Chapitre 2 - vocab
Mme. Jerles Bienvenue Chpt 2 vocabulary practice
Bien Dit 1 Chapitre 2 Vocabulaire 1
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