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Schenck Elementary First Grade
Step Into First Grade With Miss Foote!

Welcome to Rm. 10!  This week we started to learn our word wall words.  Everyday we spell these high-frequency words by chanting, cheering, clapping, or snapping them.  By the end of April, we will have 110 words that we know how to read and write!!!!!   Please review these words at home, too!  This week, the words we added to the wall include:   and, can, the, I, see, look.   Each week 5-6 new words will be added.  You can help by reviewing old and new words each night.  

We will soon begin a leaf art project.   Please take a walk with your child over the next week and collect a variety of leaves.   Try to find different shapes and colors.   Press the leaves under a hard book or stack of old magazines to flatten them.   Place them in a ziplock bag with your child's name written on the outside.  Please bring them in by Monday, Oct.16.   Thank you!  We will be designing various objects with our leaves. 

Remember.....READ! READ! READ!
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