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Your assignments for this term appear below. Please take careful note of the due dates and speak to me immediately you have any concerns about meeting these date. Remember the school policy is that you lose 10% of your marks for each day your assignment is late. I will be strictly enforcing this policy during Semester 2.

Year 10 Assignment 1 - Term 4 2000.

This assignment is due on */*/**.

You may complete this assignment as either:
1) a word document saved onto a disk which you hand to me on the due date
2) a word document which is emailed to me
3) a word processed or handwritten piece of work handed to me during regular class time.

Expected Length of this assignment : 2 pages

The Assignment

Profile the work of one of the following:
* a forensic toxicologist
* a forensic biologist
* a forensic pathologist OR
* a forensic entomologist.

In your assignment include information about
* the branch of science they work in
* the role your scientist plays in solving crime
* jobs/activities/processes your scientist must undertake
* details of equipment they may use.

Year 10 Assignment 2 - Term 3 2000.

This assignment is due on */*/**

This assignment is a practical activity which should be presented on an A4 sized piece of cardboard.

1.Take the fingerprints of at least two members of your family. Label and place on your cardboard. Indicate features on these prints which could be used for identification purposes.
2.Lift fingerprints from a variety of locations around your home. Place on the cardboard and label points of identification.
3.Were any of your lifted fingerprints made by one of the people who gave you their fingerprints? Explain how you were able to make this decision.
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