forestpark201 Mrs. Gobel
Forest Park Elementary Second Grade Teacher
Welcome to our class web page!  
Math: we are learning how to subtract 2-digit numbers where we have to borrow from the tens place and give to the ones place.
Science: We are learning about the different properties of heat and light.  Your child is being presented with information on the different forms of energy and why they are important to daily life, things that make light and reflect light, how heat moves through air and solid materials, and how a thermometer helps us measure heat temperature.
Handwriting: We have learned how to write all of our lowercase letters in cursive and now we are excited to learn the capitals.  
Language Arts:  We are learning how to write a persuasive piece.  We listened to the story The Roly Poly Spider.  The children are following up this story by writing a story about what they would say to convince the spider not to eat them.
Reading: The children are practicing their reading strategies and fluency.  They are also building expression into their reading.  Vocabulary and comprehension excercises are included each week.
Scotia Glenville Traveling Museum presented a wonderful program on butterflies.   We learned about the life cycle of the butterfly and are excited to hatch our own next month!
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