forms1abcd Mr. Wecks
Math Helper- Level 1abcd

Tips and Tricks:

1- Use your fingers- take the smaller number and have that number on your fingetrs.  Starting with the other number, count up as many fingers as you have up.

2- It isn't babby-like to use your fingers- use them!!

3- When one problem is ?+0,or 0+? just take the ?, and that will be the answer.

4- With ?+1 or 1+?, just take the ? and say the number that comes after it.

5- Remember- 5+9 is the same as 9+5, or any other two numbers switch. It doesn't matter if you have two apples and you get three more, or if you have three apples and you get two more- it will come out the same!! (2+3=3+2)

****************************We are having a test on forms 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d on Saturday- if you have a question- now is the time to ask them!!!!!!!!!!!***************************
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