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The Holocaust Hope and Remembrance Chest arrived on Thursday, April 6.  I gave the orientation for the three pronged folders that were due on this day.  The folder should be set up as follows:
        ~ Table of Contents
         Daily Questions/Journal Entries Title Page
         Pages 1-5 numbered for Daily Questions/Journal          Entries
         Vocabulary Section Title Page
         Pages 6-8 numbered for vocabulary terms for          sections 1-5
         Part 1 Title Page
         Page 9 numbered for Part 1;Activity 1

Each part will have a title page and each activity is numbered and clearly labeled. 

It is so important to stay on top of the calendar provided to you by me so you will earn all the points possible for this unit of study....over 250 points!  Once the Chest is gone, the folders are due, on April 28.

This weeks schedule:

Monday, April 10
In class:
I will check Part 1; Activity 1
Daily Journal entry #2
Work Day
Any activity not completed today is homework and should be completed tonight!!!!!

Tuesday, April 11
In class:
Daily Journal entry #3
Part 2; Activity 2 as a whole class activity
Work on Part 2

Wednesday, April 12
In class:
Daily Journal entry #4
Individual Work Day on Part any research you need to complete Part 2 at home tonight.  Part 2 should be done when you walk in the door tomorrow.

Thursday, April 13
In class:
Activity 3:3 as a whole class activity
You will also have time to work individually on part 3!
Work on part 3!

Friday, April 14
In class:
Individual Work Day on Part should be done by Monday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!
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