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Dear parents and kids,

A "Happy New Year" to you ALL!:-> I hope this update finds you all in excellent health and bright spirits! I want to extend my warmest thanks to everyone for ALL the fine gifts which you bestowed upon me at Christmas!! I was literally overwhelmed at your generosity; I truly have some SPECIAL parents behind me!!

I think I raised some eyebrows in November when I showed a short video bio of one of my "heroes" to the class.

To be precise, it was about Mia Hamm-the world's top female soccer celebrity, who guided the USA to the World Cup soccer championship a few years ago, on home soil. Mia recognizes the importance of family, espouses strong values, and honors the memory of her brother (who died from a disease) each time she takes the field. She is definitely a patriot, and shuns the limelight, preferring to emphasize "team spirit"-as opposed to her dazzling solo work! I think all the class now knows a bit more about leadership and values, after we read and talked about a poem her dad wrote about Mia!

My reading group had a "special visitor" in December: Armand the French Hobo. He made a guest appearance, spoke some French, and taught a song to tie in with the "Family Under the Bridge" novel.

Looking ahead,around mid/late February we are required to take the WSAS test.This is a state mandated exam required of ALL 4th, 8th, and 10th graders in Wisconsin! We will be working hard towards meeting our goals, so encourage extra review of skills learned thus far, and DO spend some time on the science text at night, please.

As a class, we entered the new state quarter (25 cent piece) contest, and a few kids received personalized letters from Governor McCallum's office!:->

I'll also be seeing you in February for conferences again,and will be sharing progress reports about your child.

As always, thanks for your support and contact me anytime at the elementary building, between 8 a.m-4 p.m.


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