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  Laurie's Latin Course
Salvete, discipuli!  Welcome to Latin I!

We will be learning about the Latin Language and how it is still used in English and other modern languages today.  In addition to a study of vocabulary and grammar, we will study Greek and Roman mythology, Roman history, Roman culture, and Latin derivatives in English.

This semester we will be using the Ecce Romani I book.  You will find a Latin-English dictionary and 3 x 5 index cards helpful to your vocabulary study.

You will be expected to spend about an hour on your Latin homework each week.

I have listed a few links below to games that will help you in your study of Latin.  Also, I have included some links to other web sites that you may find helpful.

Bonam Fortunam!  Good luck!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Laurie's Latin Class Chapter 1 Vocabulary
Review activity for Chapter 1 vocabulary
Latin Colors
Practice with Latin color vocabulary
Gods and Goddesses
Intro to Greek and Roman Mythology
Vocabulary Parts of Speech
Practice with Chapter 1 vocabulary and their parts of speech
Chapter 2 Vocabulary
Chapter 2 Vocabulary
Useful links
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