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Northwood Junior High 8TH GRADE SCIENCE: Period 1
WEDNESDAY AUG 30 Introductions; Lab activity "Lifesavers"; Check out books; Go over expectations Homework: COVER YOUR BOOK!!! Purchase Science Journal; READ pp 5-9, 20-25 THURSDAY AUG 31 Lab "Lifesavers" con't; Scientific Method and Data Collection; Graphing (pie charts) FRIDAY SEPT. 1 Metric Measurement (meters); Lab "Race Day"; Graphing (line); SCIENTIFIC ATTITUDE Homework: Read PP 10-17 NO SCHOOL MONDAY SEPT.!!! 4 For 2 pts of EXTRA CREDIT.... read pp 18-19 and check out the "Useful Link" below for more information about animation using motion capture. Click on "Quiz Sesson Log In" at the bottom of this page and enter "motion capture". You will take a short, 4 question, multiple choice quiz to earn the extra credit. TUESDAY SEPT. 5 Metric Units and Conversions Check: Book cover, parent signature and journal are due today. Homework: Read tomorrow's lab pp 26-27; Complete metric worksheet WEDNESDAY SEPT 6 Lab 1-1 "Identifying and Controlling Variables" Homework:Complete Lab 1-1 (if necessary) THURSDAY SEPT 7 Safety; Review experimental desing process Homework: Study for quiz; OPTIONAL: take the chapter 1 review "java quiz" in the activity section below. FRIDAY SEPT. 8 QUIZ: CHAPTER 1
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