fpar Foster Care Rate System
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The following games have been created in an effort to make the transition from the old foster care rate system to the new one a little bit of fun.

Hopefully, the activities will help you learn the new structure and the new service codes.

Choose an activity below. The games and activities are pretty easy to figure out. If you're not sure what to do maybe your neighbor can help you. Good luck.

Thanks for attending the video broadcast training. We hope it was helpful information. If you were not able to attend, a video tape will be available soon. Your guidebooks will arrive after the holidays.

Enjoy learning!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Foster Care Rate Assessment (FCRA)
Do not pass Academy, get reassigned to OB2 unless you pass this test.
SSPS Codes
Your paycheck will be with held until you can recite these codes in your sleep.
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