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French 2 Stations

Leçon 2 - Stations

1.  Verbs - snake game.  (materials = handout with game grid)
a.  follow the instructions on the HO
2.  Negative sandwich (Materials:  Negative handout; completed in class,  markers,
large paper from rolls
a.  Create an original negative sentence using one of the negative expressions from ch. 2 (check with me to make sure that it is accurate, etc.
b.  Using large paper  and markers, create a negative sandwich to illustrate your group's sentence.
3.  Pronouns  (Materials:  pronoun HO)
a.  Complete the worksheets as a group.
b.  Check the answer key to make sure the answers are correct, once all have completed the assignment
4.  Video (Materials:  video script, questionaire, dictionaries
a.  As a group read the video script.  Once everyone has read, and understands the script, return the scripts, and get copies of the questionaire.
b.   Watch the video, and answer the questions. You may rewind, and replay as needed.
5.  Listening activities.  (Materials:  cassette tape and listening activities worksheet
a.  listen to the cassette recordings and complete the HO.  You may rewind and replay as needed.
6.  Internet activies.  (Materials:  Internet activity HO)
a.  Complete part A before you go online.
b.  Complete parts B and C online.
c.  Complete part D before handing in the activity sheet.
d.  Practice object pronouns and negative expressions by going to the Quia Activities below.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Fr. 2 Object pronouns: session pronoms
type in pronoms, and then your name
La négation Fr. 2 leçon 2: session fr. 2 negation
type in fr.2 negation, and then your name
mixed objects: session mixed objects
type in Fr. 2 Objet pronouns for the session name, and then your name
Indirect Object Pronouns: session ind. obj. pro
type in ind. obj. pro, and then your name
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