fractals Mr. Pearson

     The links below are to sites that do not get too wrapped up in advanced math.  If you should see some math that looks intimidating, don't worry!  The purpose of this lesson is to introduce you to fractals through their striking visual beauty and their resemblence to so many familiar things.  So enjoy the images you are about to view, and let your imagination see in them what it wants to see.

1.  Self-similarity is perhaps the most notable characteristic when viewing a fractal.  Visit the Lanius site below and read about it.  Find at least one example from a different site in which this property is obvious, and save it to a disk.

2.  Fractals often mimic objects in the everyday world, paticularly natural things.  While browsing the sites below, find at least two fractal images that either intentionally or unintentionally resemble familiar objects, and save them to a disk. This does not have to be a landscape.  Be creative!

3.  Find at least one image of the Mandelbrot set, plus two other fractals that appeal to you.

     You will be completing a Hyperstudio stack (minimum of 5 cards) which will include a title card, a description of self-similarity in your own words, and the (minimum of 6)images you gather from the above list.  You may use one image as a background for your title card.  Be sure to write a caption for each card, as well as include a bibliography.
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