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    Fractions are an important part of your Math course. In addition to our review of fractions, there are activities that we will do together to help you figure out how to find an equivalent fraction, how to reduce a fraction, how to change a mixed number into an improper fraction, and how to turn an improper fraction into a mixed number. You will also be able to compare fractions to see which one is larger and which is smaller.  

    In addition to the lessons and activities, you will play some games on the computer involving fractions. Everyone will get lots of practice in renaming fractions.

    Some of your assignments will be from the textbook, and others will be computer activities. All the computer activities are listed and explained on this webpage. There will be time for you to work on the assignments in the Academic Support period, and you should be trying these at home as well. You may also stay after school to use the computers.

    All the fraction activities can be found at

    Important web sites are listed at the bottom of the activities page. You will use these as directed.

            Have fun while you are learning!

Activity 1

    You have each been given five fractions. Your assignment is to find at least ten equivalent numerators and denominators for each fraction.You are expected to become a math expert in recognizing an equivalent fraction for each of your fractions.
HINT: A good way to test your work to see if the fraction is correct is to cross multiply the numerator and the denominator. In other words, you multiply in an X formation.
FOR EXAMPLE: 1/2=2/4   Multiply the numerator 1 - times the denominator 4. (Answer =4)
                      Multiply the numerator 2 - times the denominator 2. (Answer =4)
                      They match; therefore, the answer is correct.
    Click on the website titled Equivalent Fractions Activity to help you and to give you some practice.

Activity 2

    This activity has two parts.
    First, you will work on a page of matching fractions. Create two columns, C and D, that will be equal to the fractions in columns A and B. Remember the HINT given above.
    Click on the website titled Matching Fractions for this part of the activity.
    Second, you will click on the website titled Fractionator. This lesson will show you how a fraction represents part of a whole. The whole part is the circle. Make up ten fractions to see how many parts there are in the circle that will be equal to each of your fractions.

Activity 3

    These two websites will give you practice in reducing fractions to lowest terms. Use both websites. After you complete the examples in each one of these websites, you will become an expert in finding the The Greatest Common Factor(GCF). From now on, all your answers should be in lowest terms.
    Rule 10: Reducing Fractions

Activity 4

    In this activity you will get practice in converting a mixed number into an improper fraction and also in changing an improper fraction to a mixed number. You will make up your own fractions and convert them. Do at least ten fractions on this website.  
    Click on the website called Converting from a Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction or From an Improper Fraction to a Mixed Number.

Activity 5

    Now you will have an opportunity to review some of the concepts and activities you have been working on while doing these computer/internet lessons. There are also a couple of fraction games that should be fun for you.                
    Click on the website described below as Rename In Higher Terms and identify ten fractions, five mixed numbers, and play five "Find Grampy" games.
    After that, go to the website named Fresh Baked Fractions. Go through the entire cycle of fractions which include about twenty problems. Tell me the number of pieces of blueberry pie that are pictured on the upper right side of the page when you are done. That will be your score.

Activity 6

    This activity requires you to make a fraction mobile. The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate the concept that a fraction is a part of a whole. Be creative with this project. After it is completed you will explain its meaning to the class, and we will hang them up in the classroom.
    Click on the website titled Fraction Mobile and follow the directions as stated.
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