frank20604 frank's class 2/06/04
1. For Chinese New Years, find out which of your classmates you are compatible with.
2.  Find out about the history of the parade and answer these questions
a Where and when was the first Chinese new Year’s parade?
b.Was this a tradition in China?
c. Where was the parade in the 70”s
d. Why did they move it?
e. How many people will watch it this year?
3. listen to the story about Chinese New Years and answer the questions.
4. Read the predictions for this year. Tell a friend and listen to their prediction.

Safeway strike
5. read an article about the safeway stike and answer these questions.
a. How many workers have been on strike since October?
b.How have the profits of the stores changed?
c.Why do the grocers say they have to cut benefits?
d.Under the proposed plan, how much will a worker have to pay for health care?

If you want to write a letter to safeway. Please write an original letter, not the own already written.

6. choose one of the BBC links. Listen to the story first without reading. talk with your partners about what you think it was about. Then listen again with reading. Look up any words you don't know. Make a list of 5 new words that you can teach the class. Make up 5 questions to ask the class. Then you will teach the class your new words and tell the story. As you listen to the other stories, make notes. you can use the notes when you take your test.
7. Go to the lesson about writing a descripition. Imagine that you are going to write a description and sell something on Craigslist. Write your description. Then go to Craigslist and look for a good description. You can post your description if you want to.
8. If you finish early play the ball game. Learn the vocabulary necessesary to play the ball game.

Useful links
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