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Welcome to Frau Bauer's Web site.  The games below are a great way to test your knowledge and have fun!  Scroll down, and click on Hangman, Kapitel 1, or any game which states Kapitel 1 after it.  Viel Spass!

Practice using the new games that are added just for Kapitel 2!  The games are a great way to review before the final chapter test.

Scroll down and click on POP-UPS and pick the correct ending for ein, kein, dein, sein, oder ihr!  Use the Matching, flaschcard, and concentration games to help you study the vocabulary words.  Use the Flaschkarten-der, die, oder das to practice definite articles.  Play against a classmate or yourself with the Challenge Board Game.  It'll help you to study for the test next week (15 Nov).

OOPS:  No Kapitel 4 at this time!

Practice chapter 5 vocabulary using any of the games with Kapitel 5 in the title.  

Practice verb endings!  Scroll down and click on POP-UPS and complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb.

Practice Vocabulary for Kapitel 6!  You may play concentration, practice by matching, do a word search, or study with flashcards.
Click on GAMES!

Spiel Henker, click on Hangman.

Practice spelling by clicking on Jumbled Words!

My Quia activities and quizzes
Pop-ups, Kapitel 6
Kapitel 6 verb endings
Matching, Kapitel 6
Kapitel 6 vocabulary
Hangman, Kapitel 6
Kapitel 6 sentences/statements
Jumbled words!, Kapitel 6
Kapitel 6 scrambled words
Hangman, Kapitel 1
Kapitel 1 vocabulary
Pop-ups, Kapitel 1
Kapitel 1 vocabulary
Picture Perfect, Kapitel 1
Kapitel 1 dialogue
Jumbled words!, Kapitel 1
Kapitel 1 Unscramble vocabulary
Hauptstadt und das Land, Kapitel 2
Kapitel 2 countries and capitals
Hangman, Kapitel 2
Kapitel 2 Vokabeln
Pop-ups, Kapitel 2
Kapitel 2 Vokabeln
Picture Perfect, Kapitel 2
Number the dialogue in the most logical sequence.
Matching, flash cards, concentration: Family,Kapitel 3
Vokabeln für Kapitel 3
Matching, flash cards, concentration: Animal, Kapitel 3
Vokabeln für Kapitel 3
Pop-ups, Kapitel 3
Richtige Enden für Kapitel 3
Flaschkarten-der, die, oder das-Kapitel 3
Check your knowledge of der, die, and das for the animals
Challenge Board, Kapitel 3
Test your knowledge of Kapitel 3 and Kapitel 2
Matching,flash cards and concentration, Kapitel 5
Pop-ups, Kapitel 5
Jumbled words:Time and Daily Routine, Kapitel 5
Hangman, Kapitel 5
Matching, Fernsehsendungen Kapitle 8
matching, flash cards and concentration
Jumbled words, Kapitel 8
Pop-ups, Kapitel 8
Jumbled Words, Kapitel 7
matching, Kapitel 7
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