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Hallo!  Willkommen!
Semester 2 hat begonnen.  Toll!               

We have just finished Chapter 7 and are the next to the last chapter.  Fantastisch!   Here are your new assignments:

Assignments begin on March 21:

2. Part 4 of vocabulary
Page 236  # 3  (If the sentence is incorrect, correct it by rewriting it.)
Continue to work on project

3. Part 5 of vocabulary
Quiz on substitution of noun with "it" and vocabulary parts 3-5
Page 245  Exercise 10

4. Page 247 Exercise 13
Quiz on nouns sub. in nom & accusative, as well as strong verbs.  (See handout.)

5. Page 254  Exercise 19  Look at the person you're talking to.  This determines if it's du, ihr, etc.  Then write out the sentence with the correct form.
Study vocabulary and work on the project

6. Quiz on commands
Handout 63/64

7. Chapter 8 test

8. Flash cars for all words and expressions
Learn part 1 of the vocabulary.

9. Memorize part 2 of the vocabulary.
Page 273 Exercise 7    Create a sentence from the elements given.

10. Part 3 of the vocabulary.
Quiz on use of meanings of separate prefix verbs found on page 273
Die Lorelei - Memorize the first 2 stanzas.   Recite on May 11
Page 288 Exercise 22 Number 1-10    Write the prefix.

11. Part 4 of the vocabulary
Quiz on vocabulary, parts 1-2, as well as hobbies & work around the house
Handout 23
Project:  Movie poster.   See instruction sheet for directions.  Due May 22

12. Part 5 of vocabulary
Quiz on cultural items on 267-269
Page 280  Ex. 16  Make up a complete sentence by conjugating the verb and finishing up the prepostional phrase.
Be working on your poster and memorization of Lorelei.
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