fraumiles Frau Miles
Robert H. Sperreng Middle School 6th grade German teacher
Willkommen in Deutsch! ¬†Welcome to 6th grade German! ¬†Here you will find some activities to do to learn more about German.  Have fun!
My Quia activities and quizzes
family members
family members
All about yourself
This game drills you on name/age/how are you?
mein/meine with family members
Use mein and meine correctly!
Guess the correct Christmas term!
numbers 1-20
Learn your numbers 1-20
numbers 1-20
Put the numbers 1-20 in order!
Quiz on numbers 1-20
Color hangman
Colors hangman
German colors
color words scrambled
color quiz
Body parts games
Play concentration, match terms or do a wordsearch!
Body parts hangman
Play hangman with body parts
Hangman with numbers
Play hangman with numbers 1-20
Hangman with days and months
Play hangman with days and months.
Put the months in order!
Days of the week
Put the days of the week in order!
Useful links
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