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Welcome to Mr. Fredricks' web page. This page has been developed to be used as a reinforcement of learned material in the classroom. Included are actvities to help students support their knowledge, concepts, and skills learned in the classroom. Also, there are reminders for students about up coming events and other important information.

I. Welcome to all new fifth grade students and their parents. Try these games and quizes for fun. Some of the games and quizes are from last year. You may have not yet learned about these things. Be patient. You will!

II. Up Coming Events

Half the School Year is already gone. In January, there is  early release day on January 18 at 11:50. The fifth grade students will also be conitnuing their studies on the Constitution and the beginnings of the united States. They will be wrapping up their Science unit on Food and Nutrition and moving on to Levers and Pulleys. In Math, they will be working on strategies with multiplication and division.
Looking toward the future, the fifth grade students will be attending the Freedom Train performance in February. Also, the fifth grade choir will have a performance on January 24, 2002 at 7:00. Have a onderful winter day and bundle up!

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