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Jane Long Middle School Navy 8 -- English
SEPTEMBER 27, 2003

THE FIRST SIX WEEKS OF THE YEAR IS HISTORY!  That's right -- it's gone, it's past, it's OVER
It's the start of a new six weeks!  Make a fresh start!

You must earn 10 A.R. Points this six weeks!  Don't put it off until the last minute.  Remember, A.R. points are 20% of your Reading Grade.

Reading Logs are still due every Monday.  You need to read at least 200 minutes each week.  Don't forget to get them signed by your parents/teachers.

Good News!
Since we had trouble with the computers last week, I've been given permission to keep them for another day.  So, you'll be able to finish typing your memoir Monday.  You'll also have a chance to practice Subject/Predicates and Prefixes on my games below.

Prefix quiz on Monday, September 29th
Prefix test on Tuesday, September 30th
Subject/Predicate Test on Wednesday, October 1st
Interactive Reader ("Raymond's Run") due Weds., Oct. 1st
My Quia activities and quizzes
Prefixes - 5th period
Prefixes 2
Subject and Predicate Practice
Play this Jeopardy-type game by yourself or against a friend to practice for the subject/predicate test.
Useful links
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