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Hola. For Mon/Tues May 22/23 be sure you can spell and know meaning of Capitulo 12, Lista 4. In addition, be sure to know how to conjugate the following verbs in the present and preterite tenses:

hacer: to make/do
hago         hacemos
haces        hacéis
hace         hacen

hice         hicimos
hiciste      hicisteis
hizo         hicieron

probar: to try
pruebo       probamos
pruebas      probáis
prueba       prueban

probé        probamos
probaste     probasteis
probó        probaron

You should have completed all Practice Workbook Pages 12-1, 2, 3, 4 for homework. We will do the Chapter 12 listening activities and practice indirect object pronouns on Monday and Tuesday. Please be sure you have memorized the indirect object pronoun chart:
me           nos
te           os
le           les

And the prepositional pronouns with which they are often used for emphasis and clarity:

a mi (accent on i)          a nosotros
a ti                        a vosotros
a el (accent on e)          a ellos
a ella                      a ellas
a Ud.                       a Uds.

Hasta la vista!
Sra. Freeman
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