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work for history:

Brickinridge Lost 1860 election
Jefferson Davis President of South
Fort Sumter First shots of war fired
Robert Anderson North commander at Sumter
Dred Scott Slave sued for freedom
Charles Sumner Attacked in Congress
David Wilmot Proposed law which said Lands aquired from Mexico should be free
Personal Liberty Laws Helped provide lawyers for slaves
Abe Lincoln Won 1860 election
Crittenden Proposed last ditch peace effort
Beauregard South commander at Sumter
John Brown Radical abolitionist who killed 5 settlers
Roger Taney Judge at Scott case
Harriet Beecher Stowe Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
Popular Sovereignty Territories have the right to choose to have slavery
Secede To withdraw
South Carolina First state to secede
Next 6 states to secede Fla,Ala,Ga,Tx.La,Miss
Confederacy Newly formed Southern government
10,000 Places civil war was fought
Border States Del.,Mo.,Ken.,My.
11 Number of CSA states
24 Number of Union States
Maryland Most crucial state to win
3 million number of men which fought in war
Strengths of union cause,men,states,farms, railroads,raw material,weapons
Strengths of CSA cause, generals,better fighters, knew territory

work for geometry:

Square a rectangle w/ 4 right angles
Line Segment a line with 2 endpoints
Acute angle angle that measures between 0 and 90 degrees
triangle polygon w/ 3 sides and 3 vertexes
quadrilateral polygon w/ 4 sides and 4 vertexes
obtuse angle angle that measures between 90 -180 degrees
parallel lines lines that will never touch or meet
perpendicular lines lines that meet to form right angles
right angle angle that measures 90 degrees
trapezoid quad. with 1 set of parallel lines
formula for circumference c = d x pi ( pi=3.14 )
area of a circle r x r x pi (pi=3.14)
area of a right triangle b x h divided by 2
area of a rectangle b x h
diameter r x 2 (r = radius)
radius d divided by 2 (d= diameter)
parallelogram quad. w/ 2 sets of parallel lines
straight line measures 180 degrees
rhombus parallelogram w/ 4 equal sides
vertex point where 2 or more lines meet

work for M. Bio:

work for English:

work for Spanish 1:

el baloncesto basketball
el béisbol baseball
la cafetería cafeteria
el chocolate chocolate
la clase de inglés English class
la comida mexicana Mexican food
la comida italiana Italian food
la comida china Chinese food
la ensalada salad
el español Spanish
la fruta fruit
el fútbol soccer
el fútbol norteamericano football
el jazz jazz
la the
el the
más more
Me gusta... I like...
mucho a lot
la música clásica classical music
la música pop pop music
la música rock rock music
la música de... music by...
la natación swimming
no no
pero but
la pizza pizza
¿Qué te gusta? What do you like?
sí yes
la tarea homework
¿Te gusta...? Do you like...?
el tenis tennis
el voleibol volleyball
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