french2cp3 Mme Owens
Ridge View High School Student teacher French 2cp/3
Bonjour mes amis!  We are studying le Passé Composé this week.  To help you review please remember the following:

1) review the conjugation of the verb être

2) study the verbs that are conjugated with être in the Passé Composé using your Dr Mrs Vandertramp list and the songs that we sang in class

3) remember that with the verbs that use être, there must
be a number and gender agreement between the subject and
the past particple 

for example :
Il est sorti
Elle est sortie
Ils sont sortis
Elles sont sorties,

4) remember that with the subjects Je, Tu, Nous, and Vous, you must determine the gender and number of the subject before making the agreement with the past particple

for example :

If Mme Owens is speaking, she will say : "Je suis sortie", and if you are talking to Mme Owens, you will say to her, "Vous êtes sortie".

Mme Owens will say  "Mme Linder et moi, nous sommes sorties"


"Mon fils et moi, nous sommes sortis"

Look for a quiz either Friday or Monday!!
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