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Hey Kiddos...

These activites are not for a grade. These activities are so you can have fun using the computer. Some of the quizzes are so you can see if you remember what I am reading to you. I hope you are enjoying "Maitland's Kid" as much as I am. I like to see your expressions as the story unfolds chapter by chapter. The little games are just for fun. I hope you enjoy stuff like this. Let me know what you think!
My Quia activities and quizzes
"Maitland's Kid"
The first quiz about Jonathan
"Maitland's Kid" #2
Continue the Quiz about Jonathan and his dad
Library Dewey Decimal System
Can you put books on the shelf in the right order?
Fast Food Favorites
You know I like to eat.... What do you know about fast food stuff?
Special Stuff About Mr. French
OK... this will give you all the secret stuff about Mr. French!
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