Baldwin Middle School World Languages - French/Spanish Teacher
My Quia activities and quizzes
French Verbs
Les Nombres
Classroom objects
French Numbers
Numbers Quiz
French numbers (1 - 20)
French Math Language and Numbers from 1-20
French Hangman 0 - 30
Numbers Quiz
Who wants to be a French Millionaire? (2007/8 edition)
Who wants to be a French millionaire?
Colors word search
Days of the Week French Picture Game
Days/months FRENCH
French months of the year
French Jeopardy (2007-2008)
Madame May's Ratatouille Millionaire!
Things you see in Ratatouille!
Madame May's Body Battleship!!
Madame May's Body Hangman!!
Les Parties du corps
Les Vêtements
Greetings - French
French numbers and classroom objects
Les jours et les mois millionaire
Les mois
French - First Assessment Review
French Halloween
La Tour Eiffel
La Nourriture
les animaux hangman
Le temps et les saisons
Les Animaux Matching
Bee-Movie French
New Battleship!
First French review jeopardy!!
French Numbers Jeopardy!!!
Le jour d'Action de Graces
Les Animaux Millionaire!
Battleship: Les numéros 1-60
Jeopardy: Basic French Practice
Food and Drink
er Verbs
C'est Noël !!!!
La famille
Numbers 1-100
A la météo
School supplies vocabulary
Les numéros 40-100
1:Entracte The Great Hunt: Chasing Down Rogue French Numbers
Verb practice (verbs like acheter and préférer)
Battleship: Quelle heure est-il? Bataille Navale
French Expressions and Greetings
French Quiz 2
French Jeopardy for 02/28/2012
Second French Quiz
French classroom objects with pictures
Aimer - to like
French Assessment 3
Second French Assessment 2012
Action de Grâces
Les Animaux Jeopardy!!
2013 First French Review Millionaire
Aimer Battleship
French Quiz 1
Unit 5 Quiz
La Nourriture Unit 6
Unit 4 French
Unit 4 French!
Food and Drink Jeopardy (accents have to match!)
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