Gloucester High School French 2, 3, 5
La classe de francais 2
le 1-5 novembre
This is a new marking period and second quarter.  Continue to work hard.  Speaking French makes you magnifique! We will be taking a test on Unit 4 this week and we will start Unit 5.  
You have until the beginning of January to join our trip to London, Paris, and the Riviera for spring vacation.Remember you need to get the forms for your passport at the Court House on Main Street.

La classe de francais 3
le 1-5 novembre
We will be working on Unit 2.  Remember to bring your CHA forms for the trip to London, Paris, and the Riviera for Spring vacation.  The last day to join the at the same price is the beginning of January. Remember you need a passport.


la classe de francais 5
le 1-5
We will continue to read the play, Knock.  We will review verb tenses and pronouns, practice AP oral situations and and AP writing activities.  Remember to get your passport for our trip to France.
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