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Mifflin International Middle School Professeur de français



1.  Willingness to learn
2.  A binder or folder, for ALL work.*
3.  Pencils, pens, highlighters
4.  Dry erase marker
5.  Dictionary (French/English)  Optional for FR. I

*You will receive papers during class, or will be taking notes in class.  The notebook will be graded for neatness and completeness, and worth about 50 points.  MUST INCLDE THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS; NOTES, HOMEWORK, HANDOUTS, QUIZZES, GUIDELINES.  (All of the first day's handouts should be in there, including the signature sheet once it is handed in for grading.)


Per school policy, you have one day for each day absent to make up work for an excused absence.  Tests and quizzes MUST be made up.  IF YOU ARE ABSENT ONE DAY BEFORE A TEST OR QUIZ, BUT RETURN ON THE DAY OF TESTING, YOU ARE EXPECTED TO TAKE THE TEST.  For extended absences, tests may be made up later.


Mais, oui!  I’m available for extra help before or after school.  Also, there are computer programs available for your use before or after school.  You will also earn EXTRA CREDIT POINTS  for doing this and printing your work if possible.


There is really only one:  RESPECT yourself and those in the class.  All others fall under this one.


You will earn a percentage based on the following categories:  Participation, Homework, Quizzes/tests/projects.  WHAT YOU EARN IS WHAT YOU GET (There is NO curve.)
  Participation counts roughly 10%
      Points are awarded for:
        1.  pronunciation progress
        2.  oral production - how often you speak in French
        3.  class participation, effort
        4.  in class assignments
  Homework counts 10%
   5 - 10 points per assignment.  It adds up, and in fact, it is hard to pass without it.  
  LATE:  Within 24 hours, 2.5 - 5 points.  Due to excused absence, full credit, if turned in within school guidelines:  1 day for each day absent.
  Quizzes, tests, projects = 60%


Every student starts each quarter with 25 points.  Unless they are lost, they will be added to total score at the end of the quarter.  -5 Points will be lost in the following instances:
  1.  Each use of hall pass beyond the 4 per quarter
  2.  Each use of unauthorized food
  3.  Each failure to bring required materials
  4.  Breaking school or class rules


Bonus billets are awarded:
1.  Each time you speak French ON YOUR OWN to me or to a classmate
(except during drills or group activities)
2.  Each time you do something wonderful
3.  When you win at group, team, or partner games.

Obviously, the idea is to get as many as you can!  They are worth .6 points each.  Five billets equals 3 points added to any exam score you choose.

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