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mars-avril 2009

Salut tout le monde!  Bienvenue au site Web pour notre classe!

On this page you will find different activities to help you practise and revise what you have learned in French. Just click on the underlined reference for each activity. You will find a description of each one next to it.

In the latest unit  - Expo Module 2 - we are learning about the Perfect Tense in French which is used for talking and writing about things you have done (the past tense).  Go to the link for "Languages online" and select Grammar and Perfect Tense for Beginners first of all.  When you can do the regular ER verbs, go on to the IR and RE verbs, then the irregular ones.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Tu connais les verbes?
Test how well you know parts of different verbs in French. Concentrate on Present Tense for now.
To have and have not (avoir)
Practice in using "avoir" and the negative form.
Qu'est-ce que tu aimes manger et boire?
Vocabulary for food and drink
The negative 'sandwich'!
Practice in using the negative in french.
French - Daily Routine
Verbs for talking about your day.
Ma journée typique
A gap-filling task about your daily routine.
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