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After the S3 exams, take the opportunity to work on the main areas you have identified in your target-setting. use Activities like "Cloze" - gap-filling tasks -  to help your writing.

Take the challenge board to test your verbs - either on your own or competing with a partner.

Use the "Links" section to revise different topics and try Listening and Reading tasks from the BBC Bitesize site. Make use of the BBC "French Steps" link to practise pronunciation.

Métro-éléctro and Expo Electro can also be used for revision: find them via the START button on the desktop, the go to "Modern Languages": user name is "biggar" password is "croissant" for Metro,  "biggar2" and "croissant2" for Expo.

From the BBC website, use the "Bitesize" or "French Steps" link to practise Listening.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Tu connais les verbes?
Take up the challenge to test your knowledge of all kinds of verbs - compete with a partner or test yourself!
Mes vacances - passe compose - ECC
practising the perfect tense
Ma journée typique
gap-filling task on daily routine
Mes Vacances (2)
Vocabulary and verbs for holidays
Chez moi - faites des phrases!
Revision of house and home
En ville : comment vas-tu en ville?
Revision of places in town and transport
French - Daily Routine
Revision for verbs for everyday activities
Les sports et passe-temps
Revision of sports and hobbies
Useful links
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