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These games are for review for the French 1 semester exam for Bienvenue chapters 1,2,3,4,5,6.  There are several types:  Rags to Riches = Millionnaire Game
        Challenge Board = Jeopardy game
        Java Games = Matching, Hangman, and Word searches
        Ordered list - put things in their correct orders.

You can play each game more than once since each one is different using the same set of words.  Example, there may be 25 words in the list, but only 16 will be used for matching, so the next game will be different.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Bienvenue - vocab review 0-6
Jeopardy game reviewing vocabulary
F-1 Word scramble - Units 1-6
Unscramble the words to form French words and sentences
AVOIR: Vous avez une maison ou pas?
Hangman, word search, matching with avoir
Bienvenue Chapitre 5 vocabulaire - nouns
Handman, word search, matching with BV5 vocabulary
Où sommes-nous?
Hangman, word search, matching with Places
F-1 Vocab 5 Word scramble
Unscramble the letters to form French words
Bienvenue - chapitre 5 vocabulaire
Jeopardy - BV 5 vocabulary
French 1 Culture and Vocabulary
Jeopardy - French Culture and Vocabulary questions
Bienvenue 4 Adjectives
Who wants to be a Millionnaire game
Put the months in the correct order
Put the numbers in the correct order
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