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South High School Español 1
11 de enero - en el laboratorio D35

Go to the grammar section and take notes on unit 3 lessons #28 & 29.  Do quiz #1 on unit 3 lessons #28 & 29

Notes will be stamped and turned in at the end of the period today

Grammar lessons for extra credit at home are:  1-14,20-24, 26,27,31,32,35,36,and 53.  We have covered all of this material so far and would serve as good review.

Vocabulary lessons for extra credit at home are: unit 2-relationships;  unit 3-sports; unit 3-people; You can do the matching and concentration games for review and the practice exercises for extra credit.

Verb Drills for extra credit at home are: Regular -ar,-er,-ir verbs

AT Home - EXTRA CREDIT - Study Spanish tutorials can be done for extra credit: You'll earn 10 points for each TEST with a score of 80% or higher.  

See me after school to find out how to register your e-mail address with  You will not be able to access it for extra credit unless you register using my Teacher ID # N9H8UNDA.  This allows me to access your score and give you extra credit.  Upon doing an assignment, let me know so I can check the virtual gradebook and assign your extra credit :-)
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