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Al Ain Women's College Foundations Instructor
Welcome  students to Fun 7: F7's very own website. Come here to improve your English without pain or tears.

Happy New Year & Happy New Millenium! Let's hope that the year 2000 is the year F7 learns to speak, write & read English really fluently!

Start the new century by trying the new Into The Future  activity!

On this site you will still also find activities from the last two writing topics: describing places and writing narratives as well as games to help you with Health Science Vocabulary. Useful for revision... 

If you have any questions or suggestions e-mail me by clicking on the hyperlink that says email.

Enjoy yourself and learn at the same time!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Into The Future
Choose the right word.
Improve you vocabulary by finding words with the same meaning.
Describing places: vocabulary activator
Practice vocabulary for describing places with this activity.
Healthy Students: Synonym-seeker
For Health Science Students: learn that difficult vocabulary!
Places Hangman
good for vocabulary & spelling
Storyteller 1
Improve your narrative vocabulary.
Storyteller 2
Practice choosing the right past tenses
Useful links
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