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Is it just me or do sometimes, you get that feeling that you have done something twice.  It's has only happened a couple of times in my life but it really is the strangest sensation.  I always just stop and bask in the moment when you realized that you know what is going to happen next.  But you never know when it is going to happen or how often it will happen, but the feeling is unbelieveable.

The thought of the day:  Who is the wiser man?  

    During a severe hurricane, on a September afternoon, a man has to go into town for some necessary supplies so that he will be prepared for Hurricane Xavier.  But while in town, a homeless man approaches him and tries to sell him a house that he claims is indestructable through all of Mother Nature's elements for the simple price of a lunch.  The homeless man inherited the house through the death of a family member, but the homeless man lost his wife a few years previous to a hurricane of tremedous force.  
    So the man decided to take the homeless guy up on his offer... mainly for the safety of his wife and two children.  And so the homeless man handed over the deed to the house and the other man handed the homeless man his lunch that his wife had packed fir him for his trip into town.

    Now at the same time, on the opposite side of town, another man decided that he was not going to stick around for Xavier to destroy his home and family.  So while these thoughts are running through his mind, he is waiting his turn to fill up his gas tank so that he may get out of town before the hurricane hits.  So he finishes and pays the cashier and goes home to see if his family is ready to go.  Now on their way out of town, a tornado spawns from the hurricane and picks up the truck and slams it to the ground at a speed of over 150 mph.

    At the same time, the man who bought the house from the homeless man was nice and safe and secure in the house that he was extremely skeptical about, but the homeless man had no reason to lie to the man.

    But you see what you don't know is that the man was not the first person that the homeless man offered the house to.  You see there was another man that the house was offered to, but because the man was homeless and was covered in dirt and the smell he was emitting was enough to knock you down, the first offeree dimissed the man without a second thought to his feelings.  

    Now the next day, the man returned to find the house that he was living in was completely demolished.  As he was staring at the ruble that once was his house, his cellular phone began to ring.  The man answered it and on the other line was his mother who had told him that his brother had died during the storm in a firey car accident.  

The message of this story is not to show your ignorance when a stranger approaches you.  We all are created equal and each one of us puts our pants on one leg at a time.  Just because a simple man gets down on his luck in life, doesn't change the fact that he is still a man.
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